After collecting my fair share of rugs over the years I have learned that I still have a lot to learn in this industry.  But one thing has always remained, I am amazed by the detailed beauty that is created in each textile. 

Finding the perfect rug for your home is similar to finding the right piece of art for your space.  Take your time, educate yourself.  Ask questions.  Lou Collection is here to help during this process.  Don't ever hesitate to shoot us an email.  Even if you're not buying one of our pieces!   We are here to change the rug buying process.

Young Rugs refer to rugs made in the last 20 years.  They are often less worn and woven with more on trend colors. These rugs are typically less expensive, making them a great option for most people. 

Old Rugs refer to those ranging in age from 20-99 years old.  These rugs vary greatly in condition and pricing.  But will typically be more expensive than their younger generation and will continue to hold their value.  They may have repairs, only adding to their amazing character and stories they hold. 

Antique Rugs refer to those rugs over a 100 years old.  Can you believe that?  Something that has been so used and loved for over a 100 years can not only hold its value but become more treasured.  These will always be more expensive and will continue to increase in value.  These collector's items may contain repairs but when done by experienced experts never decrease its worth. 

  The specific years may vary among different stores & dealers.  Always ask but these are the guidelines Lou Collection will use for our pricing and categorizing purposes.